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American Bar Association Response and Resources Relating to Sept. 11 Terrorism Attacks - Division for Media Relations and Communication Services

American Bar Association
Response and Resources Relating to
Sept. 11 Terrorism Attacks

ABA Policy

  • Policy on military tribunals

  • Policy opposing the incommunicado detention of immigrants in undisclosed locations, and urging protection of their constitutional and statutory rights.

  • Policy addressing legal procedures with respect to U.S. citizens and residents detained in the U.S. as "enemy combatants," February 2003

  • Policy urging Congress to allow civilian defense counsel to provide full legal representation to defendants tried before military commissions, August 2003.

Letters and Comments

  • Comments on Victim's Compensation Fund regulations

  • Comments on anti-terrorism legislation

  • Department of Defense Responds To Report of ABA Task Force On Treatment of Enemy Combatants

  • ABA Task Force on Treatment of Enemy Combatants Responds to Department of Defense

ABA Initiatives

    Dialogue on Freedom
    The ABA promoted a series of dialogues celebrating our Constitution and encouraging debate on important issues

    Bar Services Division
    The Division for Bar Services has created a special disaster-related Web page for the purpose of capturing and disseminating information of value to state and local bar associations across the nation. Of particular interest is the bibliographic link to law firm crisis-recovery literature, which includes approximately 100 articles and resources for law firms and private practitioners.

    LAMP - Legal Assistance for Military Personnel (Standing Committee)
    Following the September 11 terrorist attacks, active duty military personnel were deployed and reservists and National Guard called up for active duty. The ABA helped mobilize resources to military legal assistance offices from the private bar in order to put the legal affairs of mobilized personnel and their families in order.

Standing Committee on Law and National Security
The Standing Committee on Law and National Security conducts studies, sponsors programs and conferences, and administers working groups to educate lawyers, policymakers and the media on law and national security and associated issues. Click here for resources on National Security Law.

Additional Resources